The cedar of Lebanon

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We had a great Christmas here at Agricola Marrone, and thanks to two days of closure we had the possibility to share our free time with our family, that we rarely see due to all our work commitments. As the best tradition of Piedmont requires, days filled with good wines and good food we cooked all together!

These sunny days let us desire to have long walks, a good occasion to dispose the too much food eaten before and discover the most hidden corners of our hills in a season which is almost unknown for its beauty! Did I arouse curiosity in you?

Come and visit us to try our wines together. I’d like to tell you something more about one of the symbols of our area, the Lebanon Cedar you can admire from our terrace or in a 10 minutes walking distance: it was planted in 1856 ( it is 160 years old!) by a young couple, Costanzo Falletti di Rodello and Eulalia Della Chiesa di Cervignasco, to celebrate their wedding. It’s not a common tree here, but it seems to grow beautifully on our hill, for 160 years welcoming you !